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Tooth Extraction

At Collins and Sampson DDS, our first priority is to maintain the health of your teeth. Wherever possible, we recommend the least invasive procedures in order to protect and maintain healthy tooth structure. Unfortunately, though, there are cases that make tooth extraction the most health-conscious solution .

Supportive, Compassionate Treatment

There's no doubt that the prospect of extracting a tooth can be a little overwhelming! However, we’d like to assure you that our doctors have been performing safe, comfortable extractions for many, many years. You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your procedure will be handled with the utmost concern for your well-being.

We are committed to providing a warm and friendly environment, and our professional team will go out of their way to treat you with kindness and respect for your concerns. Every time you visit our office, we will make it a point to treat you as the valued member of our family that you are!

Why Is Tooth Extraction Necessary?

Several situations can occur where tooth extraction might be the best course of action:

  • A severely decayed or damaged tooth is beyond repairing using usual methods.
  • A fractured tooth needs to be removed.
  • Overcrowding of your teeth makes extraction necessary for preparation for orthodontic treatment.
  • We are preparing your mouth for placement of partial or full dentures.
  • Your third molars (wisdom teeth) are impacted or otherwise troublesome.

Special Treatment for Your Kids

Having a tooth extracted can be a scary experience for your child. As parents, we also understand that your top priority is keeping your child safe and comfortable.

Our doctors treat many children at our Pembroke dental offices, and we are devoted to helping both you and your child have a pleasant (and even fun!) experience with us that is free of stress. We're familiar with the unique needs of kids, and are especially mindful of this when it comes to a procedure like extraction that is potentially upsetting. Put your mind at ease - your precious little one's comfort and safety are in the hands of trained, understanding professionals.

Comfortable Sedation

For many people, anticipating a more complicated procedure like having a tooth extracted can create upsetting feelings of anxiety. This feeling is terribly uncomfortable, and for many people, the anticipation may be more of a problem than the procedure itself.

At Collins and Sampson DDS, we know that it is not necessary for you to be burdened with these anxious feeling. We can prescribe a calming medication that should be taken about an hour  before your appointment. In this way, you will feel calm and relaxed when you arrive at our office.

Please Contact Our Office

Do you have a painful tooth? Have been told you need an extraction? Please contact our Pembroke dental offices, and we will be happy to arrange a consultation. Our doctors will evaluate your situation and make recommendations to provide the treatment you need to protect and maintain your oral health.

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