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Do you treat kids?

We are happy to treat children of all ages. The professional teams at our Pembroke dental offices know how to accommodate our youngest patients and are in tune with their unique needs.

It’s critical that kids have a positive experience when visiting the dentist. Too many adults still carry the burden of dental anxiety that started with a bad experience as a child. With proper care and consideration for their needs, your child can grow up with a healthy, positive attitude about their oral health care.

We recommend that your child have their first professional cleaning by the age of two. During these cleanings, we can ensure that their teeth are developing properly and there are no problems we need to address.

Early childhood visits are also important because they help us establish a basis for future treatment. The information we gather during these visits will help us to develop a long-term treatment plan for your child to ensure excellent oral health as they get older.

You can be sure that your child will be treated with gentle care and understanding when they visit our Pembroke dental offices. Please contact us to arrange a convenient appointment for your child’s first visit.

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